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Nursing Services: We offer nursing services for people who are injecting drugs or working in the sex trade. Nurses on the team can do lots of stuff, like:

• Basic health checks
• Tests for HIV, Hepatitis or TB screening
• Shots called “immunizations” for Pneumonia, Hepatitis A & B
• Answer your health questions
• Teaching about health
• First Aid and minor treatments
• Helping people through their pregnancy
• Check on people who have long-term sicknesses

Outreach Services:
Outreach workers on the team offer support and are advocates for people who inject and work in the sex trade. They know lots about all kinds of programs and services and can help you with stuff like:

• Take clients to doctor’s appointments
• Go to court to offer support
• Help clients get into treatment programs
• Hospital, jail visits
• Help people get clothing vouchers
• Overall support

Natural Helpers: We know that lots of people who are street involved don’t always use everyday services but are really good at looking after each other. Natural Helpers is a name we give to people from the community who teach and help others. They play a big part in helping the people around them make healthier and safer decisions in their life. Natural Helpers also help the staff at Streetworks know what the community needs. We have worked on lots of projects with Natural Helpers and come up with some great health education tools for people who are street involved.

Doctors, nurses, social workers, outreach workers, and other people from different agencies come out on the van to talk to people who have trouble getting help otherwise. These people come just about every month so they can get to know our program and the people who use it. They also come out so that they can get to know people better and find out what’s going on in the community. Getting to know a worker from an agency through the van can make it easier for people to go see them in their offices if they need to.

The Streetworks staff makes lots of referrals to different agencies like doctors, treatment centers, detox, legal services, social services, methadone, STD clinic, safe houses, mental health services, housing services, and more in order to help people make positive changes in their lives. Staff can sometimes go with people to their appointments too.

Streetworks’ goal is to keep people safe and healthy. We have all kinds of supplies for people who are injecting drugs or working on the street. Things like condoms, needles, alcohol wipes, water, lube, ties, filters, vinegar, education booklets, pregnancy test kits, Health for Two coupons, first aid and general health supplies, food and clothing (when available), Crossroads Bad Date Sheet, and other items as available. Streetworks can also give out sharps containers to people or businesses.

Advocacy is really just another word for support – we at Streetworks can provide a voice for clients when needed. Staff can do things like going to appointments with clients to give support or help people work with other agencies to make sure their needs are being met. Staff members serve on committees in Edmonton, Alberta and across Canada where we share information and learn as much as we can to help serve our clients.

Prison Program:
Streetworks helps people who are involved in the criminal justice system by helping them stay safer and healthier, both while in jail and after they get out. Our staff sit on committees too that look at ways to make sure people using injection drugs in prison can do it as safe as possible. We make visits to jails to talk to both prison staff and inmates.