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Streetworks is a collaborative program, which is jointly governed by HIV Edmonton, Boyle McCauley Health Centre, Boyle Street Community Services, Alberta Health Services (both Public Health and Addictions and Mental Health), Catholic Social Services, the University of Alberta Northern HIV Clinic, the University of Alberta (Addictions and Mental Health Lab), CEASE and Edmonton Police Service. The ED of HIV Edmonton is the Chairperson of the Council and Boyle Street Community Services acts as the banker agency.


Chair – Shelley Williams – HIV Edmonton (

Banker –Julian Daly – Boyle Street Community Services

Cecilia Blasetti – Boyle-McCauley Health Centre

Dr. Chris Sikora – Alberta Health Services

Dr. Stan Houston – Northern HIV Clinic

Dr. Cam Wild – University of Alberta

Brian Simpson – Edmonton Police Service

Charlotte McKay – Catholic Social Services (Kairos House)

Kate Quinn - CEASE

Streetworks staffing changes depending on funding. Currently, the core team consists of 2 Outreach Workers, 2 RNs, 1 LPN, 1 Data Entry Clerk and the Program Manager. The Youth To Youth project has 1 Youth Mentor part time. The HER Pregnancy Project has 2 RNs, 1 Social Worker and 4 Pregnancy Support Workers. At various times, research assistants join the team when specific research is underway. The program also is involved in the training of students from the Faculties of Nursing, Medicine, and Social Work.


Street Works