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Ten Pack: 10 units of cocaine premixed in syringe. Dealer disposes of syringe. Cost $10.00.Street Works

Eight Ball: 3ý grams of cocaine.

Flap: Cocaine wrapped in paper or tinfoil. Also known as papers. $25.00 for º gram/ 25 units.

Speedball: Combination of cocaine and speed (amphetamine). Possibly cocaine and heroin.

Peelers: Morphine tablets with an enteric coating that is peeled off prior to oral consumption. Can also be injected.

T and R: Talwin and Ritalin crushed and injected intravenously. Also known as “poor man’s heroin” or sets.

Dillies: Dilaudid. Provides a heroin-like high of approximately two hours duration.

Cranking, Fixing, Doing a Hit: Injecting drugs.

V-Tens: Valium 10-milligram tablets.

Doing the Chicken: Seizures from cocaine, speed, heroin, speedballs.   

Meth: Crystal methamphetamine, a concentrated form of speed.

Poppers: Sniffing glue/chemicals, e.g. amyl nitrate, inhaled to increase sexual satisfaction.

Blow: Common word for cocaine.

Flame Thrower: Common cigarette injected with heroin (for smoking).

Coco-puff: Cocaine rolled into a cigarette.

Bug pills: Medications for psychiatric illness.

Rocks: Solid form of drug, either before or after cooking.

Rigs, Points: Needles.

Freebasing: Cooking drugs and inhaling the fumes. Cocaine dissolved in water will precipitate as crystals; it is then smoked in a pipe or mixed with tobacco.

Cooking: Mixing drug and liquid for injection.

“E” : Ecstasy.

Speed: Methamphetamine capsules mixed with water for injection. Occasionally taken in tablet form.

Puzzle Palace: Alberta (psychiatric) Hospital.

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